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Computer Networks

A computer network is a combination of computers and other computer related devices connected by communications channels for the purpose of sharing files and resources among the users. The network may be of many types, with unique features of its own.
The primary objective of computer network is to share the files among various users. Among the various networks of computers, the internet is definitely the most important inventions of modern age. It is a huge source of information on any topic, it brought the era of emails and point to point communication through voice and video, allowing anyone to communicate with anyone else in the world; and it is also a great medium of new kind of business - the online business. Everyone in the world today depend so much on the computer networks and specially the internet, that it has become a part of our daily life.

Computer Networks
fig: Computer Networks

How to hack a website?

Hacking a computer or a website are similar in terms of the security. The fundamental skill required for this purpose is programming, be it in any language. Learning a programming language is essential to learn the hacking procedures. It is easier to learn hacking if you have open source softwares like Unix. Along with the programming skills, some knowledge about the World Wide Web and HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language - the language of the web) is necessary. Good knowledge of English language is also a plus point. But only a lot of practice on programming and HTML will make one a successful hacker.