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Phases of web hosting

There are four main phases or sequences of hosting a website, which are discussed below:

  • Simple internet presence
           This is the most common and most basic type of website that is simplest to set up and least expensive as well. This type of website is a medium of direct communication of an website owner to the clients. It contains general information about the business firm, its objectives, missions, news, press releases, products and views, services, contact information etc. It may contain annual reports and specialized news bulletins, as well as a dedicated area for visitor feedback.

  • Basic E-commerce or E-business website

This category of website is somewhat complex version of the simple internet presence website, complex to mean that it consists of much more information compared to the simple internet presence websites. It consists of a number of substantial enrichment features that provide extra functionality to the website. The extra features may consist of an online store of various goods and services with secure ordering capabilities, integrated online call centers, FAQs and fact sheets, etc.

 Advanced E-commerce or E-business website 
                   Advanced websites consist of increased functionality such as web based software and core applications to dynamic IP based systems and applications. Off-the-shelf and custom software applications can be integrated with enterprise websites to enhance various processes in a number of areas such as automated processes, general business applications, data management functions and automated software, private IP-based networks, etc.

    • Fully Integrated E-business web presence
               At this fourth stage of development, the firm or enterprise has become a fully integrated E-business with intranets, extra-nets and discrete enterprise system working together. The back-office and front-office functions work together as an integrated system for the ease of ordering, asset and inventories management, and knowledge management throughout the system. In this model, the institution has become a true E-business.

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