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What computers can do?

Computers can perform a wide range of operations. As a matter of fact, in today's competitive world, one cannot think of doing anything without the help of the computers. From household to offices, department stores and shopping malls, computers have prevailed everywhere.

A Laptop Computer

What can you do with computers?
People use computers to keep and analyze records, manage researches and projects etc in the workplace. At home, computers can be used to find information, store various data like pictures, music and videos, track finances, play games, communicate with other people around the world via the internet and much more. With Internet access, you can communicate with people all over the world and find a vast amount of information.


What is web?

The World Wide Web (usually called the web, or web) is a vast storage of information. The web displays most of the information in a visually delightful format, hence the reason for its popularity. Headlines, text, and pictures can be combined on a single webpage; similar to the pages in a magazine, along with sounds and videos. A website is a collection of interconnected webpages. The web contains millions of websites and billions of webpages, and millions of websites are uploaded each day.

Example of a webpage (
Example of a webpage (

Exploring the web is known as Surfing. Anyone surfing the web can find information about almost anything or any topic imaginable. You can read news or stories and movies reviews, book a hotel or an air ticket, view maps, get current weather and future weather forecast, view pictures or videos, play games or read the game reviews, etc. Almost all the companies, agencies, libraries and museums today have their own websites with information about their products and services or collections. You can also search and purchase products online - books, music, toys, clothing, electronics, and much more. You can also buy and sell used items through websites that use auction-style bidding. For example, see this website.



E‑mail (Electronic mail) is an electronic means of sending the letter to someone. When you send an e‑mail message, it arrives almost instantly in the recipient's e‑mail inbox. E-mail messages can be sent to many people simultaneously,  and you can save, print, and forward the e‑mail to others. You can send almost any type of file in an e‑mail message; documents, pictures, music, videos etc. And with e‑mail, you don't need a postage stamp (how cool is that!!).


Instant messaging

Instant messaging is having a real - time conversation with another person who is far away from you. When you send an instant message, the message is immediately visible to all participants of the conversation. Unlike e‑mail where the message is delivered at any time and the recipient may view it at anytime, for instant messaging, all participants of the conversation have to be online (connected to the Internet) and in front of their computers at the same time. Communicating by means of instant messaging is also known as chatting.


Pictures, music, and movies

If you have a digital camera, you can move your pictures from the camera to your computer. Then you can print them, create slide shows, or share them with others by e‑mail or by posting them on a website. You can also listen to music on your computer, either by importing music from audio CDs or by purchasing songs from a music website. Or, you can tune in to one of the thousands of radio stations that broadcast over the Internet. If your computer comes with a DVD player, you can watch movies too.



Everybody likes to play games. There are thousands of computer games in every category imaginable, which you can play on your computer. Get behind the wheel of a over-speeding car, battle frightening monsters in a dungeon, or control civilizations and empires! Many games allow the users to compete with other players around the world via the Internet.
There are also some games which can be played online only - called online games. Such games can be played with the computer or with other opponents from around the world. You can also earn money from these games if you win or even if you are close to win!