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Web Hosting

What is web hosting?
A web hosting service allows an individual and/or organization to make their websites accessible through the world wide web (WWW). The companies that provide the space on a server they own are known as web hosts, who provide the web hosting service. Web information is stored in documents called web pages, which are stored on computers called web servers; and the computers reading the web pages are called web clients.

Hosting your web site on your own server is always an option. Following are some of the points that can be considered:

Running a real website needs some powerful server hardware that cannot be replaced by a low cost PC. You'll also need a permanent source of power supply (so that the website is not down if there is load shedding or other power problem) and a permanent high-speed connection.

Server-licenses usually have limits on number of users, and they are often higher than client-licenses.

Installing your own hardware and software cannot be accomplished with low labor expenses. Also bugs and viruses need to be dealt with, and the server needs to be running constantly in every situation.

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