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Mesh Topology

A mesh topology is a computer network in which every node has a dedicated point-to-point connection to every other node in the network. A mesh topology has n*(n-1)/2 routes that connect 'n' devices in the network. Mesh topology work on the concept of routes. Message that is to be delivered to the destination can take any possible shortest and easiest routes that it can find.

mesh topology
Mesh Topology

Advantages of Mesh topology

  • As it has multiple routes between the source and the destination, if one route fails, there would be a number of other routes through which data transfer can take place.
  • Traffic problem is minimized in this topology.
  • Troubleshooting is easier compared to other networks like star and ring.
  • Heavy load of data transfer has little impact on the performance of this topology.
  • This network can be easily expanded without affecting the existing users.

Disadvantages of Mesh topology

  • It is expensive as it requires more cable than other topologies.
  • Installation is difficult and complicated.

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