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Ring Topology

A ring topology consists of network of computers in which each node connects to exactly two other nodes.This forms a single continuous path for the flow of signals through each nodes of the network. Data travels from node to node, with each node along the way handling every packet. Each of the nodes in the ring topology are connected to each other through only one pathway, so the failure of only one link disrupts the whole network.
To overcome this fallacy, the data in a ring topology is transmitted both clockwise and counter clockwise, so that if there is single break of the cable, all the nodes on both sides can be reached.

Ring Topology
Ring Topology

 Advantages of Ring Topology

  • It is an orderly network in which all the nodes in the network have equal access to all the resources.
  • Its performance is far better compared to star topology under heavy network.
  • It does not need network servers to manage the connections.
Disadvantages of Ring Topology

  • If one of the workstations fails to operate, it may lead to the unusability of the whole network.
  • Addition and removal of devices in the network can affect the entire network.
  • Ring network is slower than  the Ethernet network.


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