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Computer has been the most important invention of man, yet. It differs largely from other inventions that have been changing human lifestyles. Started with simple calculations, this masterpiece of the human civilization has been serving the humans since a long time. From its large mainframe predecessors to the modern age laptops, computers have been an integral part of human life.

The history of computer has a large variation, in terms of size, shape, power consumption and operating capabilities. Early computers needed a separate room for their installation. They were too expensive to be used by the general public. But their demand in the computing areas forced them to be small, cheap and flexible.

A simple computer

A lot of terms are used to describe the computers, most of which imply the size, expected use or capability of the computer. The term computer can apply to any device that has a microprocessor in it, but in view of a general public, a computer is an electronic device that receives input from the user through a mouse or keyboard, processes it in some way and displays the result on the screen.

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